I’m Still Working!!!!

I’ve just been really busy with my day job and freelance and stuff. But my heart is still in this and the next page is coming along and I’m trying to make as much time for it as I can. That being said, it will probably take until next Wednesday, though, because I’ll be on vacation this weekend and won’t have access to a computer or tablet. But after that, no more vacations until July!



The Regular Post:

Victor and Martin: The Emperor’s Treasure page 11 – by Andrew Kress Joanis

One of the hard, but important, parts about comics is making the drawings dynamic. If you read How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way, there is a section on drawing dynamic images. This includes having your heroes in a wide stance rather than just standing tall with their legs together. It also includes using interesting angles to keep boring shots of people doing unexciting things from being too repetitive.

This is something I am working on, but, as my original background was in newspaper strips, it doesn’t come naturally. Yet. With newspaper strips, you generally try to keep the images as plain and straightforward as you can, so that the joke is clear. This is just a visual extension of “brevity is the soul of wit,” or of comedians working to make their jokes concise and their phrasing tight. It makes things pop better. This isn’t how a situation works as played out over a graphic novel length however. You can see me struggle with it on this page. As I get more practice, it will come more naturally when I do layouts.

Below is an example of the last panel of this comic. Originally, it was straightforward, and I tried to compensate with the motion of the action of the two characters. In the end, it turned out too bland. It ended up looking like a webcomic, and not a comic book. There’s a certain “I don’t care about the background aspect” that comes with comic strips, and it’s visible there. I redrew it. You can… kind of tell the difference. (The bottom one is the better one.)

dynamic drawing